Bali is indeed a magical place offering many great attractions to the tourist. The alluring island of Bali is renowned for the beautiful beaches that prove to be synonymous with tranquility. Simply spectacular is the travel to Bali, with all its artistic extravaganza. The traditional and cultural significance of the place undoubtedly deserves a mention. The Hindu traditions are practiced and followed at its best, without a speck of deviation. The very same reason endows the island with a good number of famous temples that are of great spiritual value.

Apart from the scenic beauty and spectacular attractions, yet another commendable feature that makes Bali a highly popular destination is its silent and soothing ambiance. Voted as the best island in the world, the Indonesian island of Bali is considered as a brilliant option for the rejuvenation of the body and the mind. A meditation retreat in Bali is supposedly a truly amazing experience and undeniably a great way to spend the vacation for a full-fledged spiritual experience.

If you could afford to visit a beginner’s Bali meditation retreat or attend a yoga teacher training, you will be an extremely blessed individual. The age-old technique of yoga is widely acclaimed across the globe for its proven healing powers. Offering a good deal of relaxation, yoga helps to keep away stress and tensions to a great extent. A good source of positive energy, yoga bestows high levels of inner peace. Mental clarity and concentration can be also be improved with the aid of yoga. Yoga benefits the body as well by catering to problems like chronic back pain. A perfectly toned body with greater flexibility is yet another bonus that yoga has to offer.


The calm shores of Bali make the right backdrop for a perfect yoga holiday. The totally magnetic forest regions and mountains of Bali give the meditation retreats in Bali that additional positive impact. meditation retreats can be abundantly found all over the entire island of Bali; however, the most notable and predominant spots for yoga holidays include Ubud, Canggu, Kuta, Sanur, Legian, and Seminyak. The Yoga centers located in Ubud are the most popular retreat centers in Bali.  There are numerous areas around the world where you could exercise this fine art, yet Bali is voted by many to be the best place for a meditation retreats in Asia.

bali yoga holiday

A meditation retreat typically consists of meditation, which is then followed by early morning practice sessions which are designed exclusively for the intense detoxification of both the body and the spirit. The next session would ideally be in the afternoon, which gives ample time for other leisure activities like sightseeing and surfing.

The yoga classes offered by Balinese as well as international teachers are highly inspiring. The conventional Bali meditation retreats include daily yoga classes practiced in the silent and peaceful regions of the island. Yoga workshops of different types, ranging from three days to a month’s time, can also be chosen. Exotic yoga escapes during weekends are also available at the convenience of the tourists. Though all these meditation retreat options are open to tourists throughout the year, the best time for a yoga holiday is the dry season, which is from the month of April to the month of October. While on a yoga holiday, the right place of accommodation would be a yoga ashram or a yoga resort for best results.