When one thinks and contemplates about Bali, the very first idea in his or her mind is the tropical paradise that is largely known for its glorious and magnificent beaches in addition to the awesome weather all year-round. Thousands of tourists all over the world flock to this Indonesian paradise annually so as to have an experience of the exhilarating landscape that magnificently blends with the rich tropical mountains. However, in spite of all the glamorous and breathtaking natural surroundings, Bali is an island that has much more to offer than just the landscape and water fun.
Apart from being the hearth of some of the world’s finest beaches, Bali is an island is well known for its spirituality. The island is a home to very many temples which not only protect the island from dark forces but also play an important part in revealing the Balinese culture. In addition to the glamorous Indonesian culture, Bali island is also known to be home for yoga. To many individuals, this is a form of exercise that is of utmost importance in achieving a fabulous balanced body and cheerful psyche. From research, it is evidently true that doing yoga in partnership with surfing is a good way to raise your physical fitness and elevate the condition of your mind. Through a Bali yoga holiday, you truly feel the exact marvel and delight of life as you experience the exuberance that is brought about by surfing through the crystal clear effervescent ocean.
For an individual seeking to reap the best out of Bali yoga and surf retreats, Blooming Lotus Retreats is the best place to be. By choosing to go on a retreat in this location, one is in a position to have an experience of the most intimate, unique, exquisite and affordable yoga training and retreats that the sacred island can offer. As you listen to the sweet hummingbirds, the trickling river and the breathtaking jungle views, you will be experiencing a complete yoga and meditation transformation.

surfing retreat and yoga classes in Bali
The Blooming Lotus Retreat is the place where you should spend your vacation and immerse yourself in the mystery and magic of yoga. This is a venue whose location and the setting is just perfect for one to enjoy the beauty of nature in addition to the warm and appreciative Balinese staff who see to it that your stay with levels of utmost comfort and contentment. With the affordable prices of the services offered there, it is undoubtedly true that that is almost close to receiving a slice of heaven.
This is a place where you get to enjoy the best of yoga training from the professional and skilled trainers on a daily basis. Every day in the in the Blooming Lotus Retreats is introduced by a balanced, breath revitalizing and mind rejuvenating yoga session. The afternoon is capped with a healing and body fitness yoga session to keep your body healthy even after you have left the retreat.
It is undoubtedly true that the Blooming Lotus Retreats are the best venues for yoga and surf retreats in Bali. This is where you get to explore the world of yoga through the introduction of some deep yoga practices that have a full transformation of your life.