my favorite yoga retreat in ubudLocated between Lombok to the east and Java to the west, Bali is an Island in Indonesia with a population of over 4 million people and a home to most of the Hindu minority in Indonesia. Renowned for its sophisticated and diverse art forms, such sculpture, handcrafts, painting, woodcarving and performing arts, Bali offers amazing tourist attraction and yoga retreat Bali pleasantries. The island boasts of a distinctive cuisine and percussion orchestra music (gamelan) that is highly developed. There many famous Balinese dances such as legong, topeng, pendet, gong keybar, kecak and baris, and a huge variety of festivals, public shows and temple festivals. For instance, the day before the Hindu New Year, large and very colorful sculptures of ogoh-ogoh monsters are exhibited and finally burned at nightfall to drive away evil spirits.

Balinese Hinduism and Splendid Celebrations

Over 83.5 percent of the population of Bali Island adheres to Balinese Hinduism. The religion is an amalgam that allows the worship of gods and demigods, and great reverence to Buddhist heroes and ancestral spirits. The religion is also characterized by a caste system, sacred places (like temples) and indigenous agricultural deities. A blend of animistic traditions, Buddhism and Hinduism, the religion has fostered a belief in existence of gods and goddesses in almost everything, including daggers, trees, rocks and woven cloths. Moreover, ritualizing states of self-control and mind-strengthening is a common feature of religious expression in Bali, resulting in a highly decorous and graceful people.

Bali is home to several celebrations each year, making yoga retreat Bali trips even more memorable. The celebrations are held to mark many occasions, including cremation, tooth-filing (coming-of-age ritual) and odalan (temple festival). During many of these celebrations, the atmosphere is usually loud and boisterous with plenty of activity. Typically, two or more gamelan bands will be performing within earshot and often competes with each other to be heard. Similarly, during the performances, the audience can talk among themselves, cheer the performers, get up and move around, and engage in different activities, resulting in amazing liveliness.

My Favorite Yoga Retreat in Bali

Yoga retreat Bali destinations such as Ubud, Seminyak, Lovina, Candidasa, Uluwatu, Tabanan, and Canggu have been popular because of the absolute splendor of the rice fields, beautiful beaches and the seclusion from the crowds. During yoga and meditation retreats in Ubud, visitors can enjoy the harmony, architecture and customs of the people while engaging in yoga, meditations, music and dances. There are ornate ponds, tropical gardens, greenest jungles, rice terraces, temples, rivers and open air yoga studios to explore and a sweet sunshine to bask in. There are also experienced yoga teachers and trainers to help individuals with yoga schedules. Typical yoga retreat Bali sessions begin with meditations, followed by morning yoga classes, then mid-day breaks for other activities before concluding with evening yoga sessions.

Healing Benefits of Yoga

Yoga retreat Bali sessions have many healing benefits and help to de-stress and re-invigorate the mind-body system. As opposed to usual holidays that are spent in sense-gratification activities such as drinking, a yoga retreat offers a splendid opportunity for individuals to look inwards, work on the mind-body systems, make lifestyle improvements and experience deeper relaxation. Yoga retreat sessions can hasten the learning of and progression in yoga techniques and allow individuals to master yoga effectively and within a short duration of time. Yoga retreats in Bali also allow individuals to meet with people embracing similar philosophy and to examine their lives fully, learn to cope better with life’s challenges and to experience different surroundings with lots of raw positive energy.